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mulling over stuff

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3:15 PM 5/5/10 · So, I'm going to BayCon this year but I'm not sure if I'll be going regular anymore. With the exception of last year I haven't missed an event since 1994, minus 2 family weddings. Of course, I no longer work the convention and I found the first year I went not working it that it just didn't quite grab me as much.

The new location isn't helping...

...I've bitched about this before.

The convention center's convention rooms are massive and ideal...but that's not it. I host rooms and I usually have a few people initially with more picked up over the course of the convention. Years at the San Jose DoubleTree may've spoiled me somewhat, what with the individual rooms being fairly spacious, but the Santa Clara Hyatt Regency ain't all that in this department. The rooms are about average sized and with the big beds they're even smaller. Not that much room around the beds which is tricky for when I'm used to having extra folks setting up sleeping arrangements on the floorspace...

...and the bathrooms are so small that sitting on the toilet you can reach absolutely everything else in there!

At the DoubleTree you couldn't reach much else in the bathroom from the toilet other than the one wall it was close to. Not even stretching your legs full length!

Yeah, the living quarters are a biggie of my issues with the place. I might not've noticed that if I were working the event so much as I'd've been in my room a lot less often. I'm not big into panels so when not checking the art show or the dealer's room or chatting it up with my fellow geeks...I eventually head back to there.

The convention center itself is massive. More space than was ever available at the old location. However, insofar as when I went 2 years back, while the space is larger BayCon occupied a only a small portion of it. Moreso, they took up space that was less than they had used previously. Sure, access to the full convention center...which was kinda cool as we weren't the only convention there.

I'd imagine there's going to be not such a call for using so much space this year either. Last I heard, about a month or so back, there's not gonna be a Masquerade this year. I'm not sure what other events might've been cut too, due in part to ½ the management staff leaving due to financial difficulties from the guy that's been heading up the convention the last couple decades.

Guess we'll have to see. I've already got my room reserved. Got at least 3 confirms for using crashspace.



May. 9th, 2010 02:08 am (UTC)
Ah. never heard him referred to that way before

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