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I haz Ribbons!

10:47 AM 7/28/10 · Started writing up a lengthy BayCon post but I don't know that I ever posted it, let alone finished it. Still, got a little blurb.

I'm not big on the collecting of ribbons. Still relatively new to my conventioning life, and I do find them amusing, I just don't see the point. For me, not discouraging others. Still, every so often I find my way to rather unique ones.

For example, my last year of gophering the heads of that department handed out on the very last day Gopher Brute Squad. Inteded to wear it the following year but...well, my last year. So I've got it in a jar somewhere now.

Kinda funny as a lot of gophers didn't have any of it the following year. Just me!

Even though I no longer work the convention, I still kinda work the convention. If somebody needs help with something, as I always have done, I don't see a need to be on the clock to help them. Spent a lot of time in the Art Show for the 2010 event, really good stuff this year. One display completely collapsed so I helped happy inducementJenelle set that back up, also helped her with a special display for a particular artist, and a random guy who had a cold was in desperate need of tissue.


If you didn't spend a lot of time in the Art Show you may not've been given these, looked around and I only spotted maybe a couple other people that had them. Think it was the tissue guy that gave them to me, tried turning them down but he was most insistant:

1) You don't need to see my bidder number.
2) This is not the art you're looking for.
3) Move along. Move along.

Just wanted to share.

They're in a jar somewhere.


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